X-rays are extremely important diagnostic tools. They not only give us the ability to look for fractures or broken bones, but they give us the ability to  screen for other organic types of underlying pathologies as well. They allow us to accurately diagnose, objectively document,  and actually see exactly what is causing your symptoms.

Higher quality of care

Digital radiography typically reduces radiation exposure by 75% or more. That means patients receive a higher level of care when we use digital X-ray equipment.

X-ray image enhancement

Digital X-ray systems let us control the exposure of each image in real time, so we can make images darker or lighter on demand. We can also enlarge images, make enhancements to color and superimpose textures.

These features improve our ability to detect the full extent of your injuries and to make more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans..

Enhanced X-ray image quality

Clarity and detail are crucial in radiographic imaging. Digital X-ray equipment provides image quality that can surpass traditional film, bringing out hard to see details that might have been missed on film.

During your appointment, we will determine whether or not x-rays are necessary. To request an appointment today, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (985) 652-7904.